Picking Locations for a Lansing Area Photo Shoot

I originally wrote this post in 2013, but I’m coming back here to give it a refresh in 2016 now that I have more updated work. Check out my most up-to-date work from each of these locations on my new page: Best Lansing Photography Locations.

This is a long post with a lot of photos, so feel free to use the links below to jump directly to the section that interests you the most:

Nature/Rural Settings:



Michigan State North Campus

MSU’s north campus is filled with amazing photo opportunities all within close walking distance. Old brick buildings add classic charm, Beaumont Tower casts perfect light from many angles, Agriculture Hall shows off its stunning architecture and the entire area is filled with trees and beautifully maintained gardens, including the nearby Botanical Gardens. This is by far my most popular place for weddings, couples, families and portraits. The colors change seasonally, but it’s always gorgeous.michigan_state_wedding_photos_0003 michigan_state_wedding_photos_0004 michigan_state_wedding_photos_0005michigan state botanical gardens photosNorth campus also has a few great spots to duck into if you run into rain on your wedding day.Michigan state wedding photosmichigan_state_wedding_photos_0002Senior photography on Michigan State's campus, East Lansing, Michiganmichigan_state_campus_engagement_photos_0017.jpg michigan_state_campus_engagement_photos_0014.jpg michigan_state_campus_engagement_photos_0010.jpgmichigan_state_campus_family_photos_0011.jpg Michigan state campus family photos michigan_state_campus_family_photos_0001.jpgEast Lansing proposal photography Beaumont TowerMichigan State proposal photography family photos on michigan state's campus, lansing, michigan east_lansing_proposal_photos_0063.jpg

Michigan State Horticultural Demonstration Gardens

Michigan State Horticulture Gardens michigan_state_botanical_gardens_photos_0002

Michigan State Farms

michigan state farm engagement photosmichigan_state_farms__0002michigan state farm engagement photos

Lincoln Brick Park

Lincoln Brick Park shows off a pretty nature setting all year round, but it really shines with its fall colors and perfect winter snow.

lincoln_brick_park_engagement_photos_grand_ledge_0006.jpglincoln_brick_park_engagement_photos_grand_ledge_0009.jpglincoln_brick_park_engagement_photos_grand_ledge_0001.jpgLincoln Brick Park engagement session in Grand Ledge, Michiganlincon_brick_park_engagement_photos_0009.jpg lincon_brick_park_engagement_photos_0007.jpg Lincoln Brick Park engagement photos Lincoln Brick Park engagement photos from Allie & Co., Michigan wedding photographerslincoln_brick_park_winter_family_photos_grand_ledge_0001.jpglincoln_brick_park_winter_family_photos_grand_ledge_0003.jpgLincoln Brick Park photos

Rural Williamston

This rural setting in Williamston looks perfect in the golden hour when that warm sun comes shining through the trees.lansing area photographers photographers_in_lansing_rural_photos_0008 Rural barn settings for photos in Lansing, Michigan

Fenner Nature Center

Fenner Nature Center is the most popular in the fall when all of the colors pop, and it offers a great combination of forest and fields in one place.

fenner_nature_center_lansing_engagement_photos_0003.jpgFenner Nature Center Engagement Photos Fenner Nature Center Engagement Photos Fenner Nature Center Engagement PhotosFenner Nature Center family photos fenner_nature_center_family_photos_0002lansing outdoor maternity photoslansing maternity photography

DeWitt Farm and Country

I’ve taken to photographing sessions out at my parents’ house where I grew up. They live on a dirt road in DeWitt with eight acres of land, so there’s plenty of variety.family photo ideas in dewitt, michigandewitt_family_photos_outdoors_0015.jpg DeWitt michigan family photosDeWitt, Michigan photo locations dewitt_michigan_photo_locations_0002

Old Town Lansing

Old Town Lansing is another great location for mixing up your settings within close proximity. Start downtown for a colorful urban feel, then walk south toward the river, fish ladder and public docks.

Old Town Lansing engagement photos Old Town Lansing engagement photos Old Town Lansing engagement photos old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0005.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0006.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0007.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0016.jpg Old Town Lansing engagement photos Old Town Lansing engagement photos old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0013.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0002.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0003.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0006.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0009.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0013.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0014.jpg old_town_lansing_engagement_photos_0019.jpg Old Town Lansing Engagement photos Old Town Lansing engagement photos

Downtown Lansing

Downtown Lansing photoslansing_capitol_building_wedding_photos_0002.jpg Downtown Lansing photosDowntown Lansing wedding photos downtown_lansing_wedding_photos_locations_0006.jpg downtown_lansing_wedding_photos_locations_0001.jpg

Bonus: Lifestyle Photos at Home

Don’t be afraid to do your photos in your own home. It’s a great way to remember what your day-to-day life looks like.
indoor family photos, lansing michigan photographer

home life lifestyle family photography, Lansing, Michigan

home life lifestyle family photography, Lansing, Michiganhome life lifestyle family photography, Lansing, Michiganmaternity and newborn photos at home


  1. I was just wondering if you could tell me exactly where the old town photos were at, I need an address because Im doing a photo shoot in a couple weeks and I planned on going here

  2. They’re all right near the center of Old Town – easy to find if you head over to explore it yourself.

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