What happens after I take your photos?

I don’t just want to send you a link and have you click through all of your images for the first time while you’re at work. I want it to be an experience—I want you to dedicate an evening to being together at home to see your images for the first time.

After each session, I’ll have you choose a date a few weeks out to block off an evening or day together to see the photos for the first time. For weddings, I’ll let you know when I’m almost done editing, and then you can choose your date. Plan to spend an hour or two together. Pop some popcorn, pour some wine, put on your home pants, and then open my email.

The Slideshow

You’ll start by watching a slideshow of all of your photos together. If you can connect your computer screen to your television, even better.

The Digital Files

After you watch the slideshow, you’ll get a download pin to download your photos. Be sure to put them in a few places so they’re backed up.

Keepsakes & Art

From there, you’ll have a chance to order print products through your online gallery at your own pace with a one day 20% discount. I’ll use the wall photos that you sent me before your session or wedding to include a few recommended wall designs in my email to you. You’ll be able to use my interactive designer to swap out images to decide what look you like the best, and then you’ll order the prints to frame yourself or order ready-to-hang professionally framed fine art prints.

wall mockups of framed photos
If you order loose or mounted prints (lustre or fine art) or an individual framed print, you’ll have five days to request image swaps, retouching, and your frame style (if relevant) before the images go to print.

If you order a custom product like a frame collection or a folio box with multiple images, you’ll have 30 days to request your images, your cover options, and any retouching.

Custom frame styles


If you order an album, I’ll put together the initial design for you, and then you’ll have 30 days to request photo swaps through your online album proofer. Click here to see a sample album design to give you a feel for the process (your actual album proofer will have a button to request changes).

online album proofing

You’ll choose your cover fabric and any add-ons (cameo cutout with your favorite image or text), and once we have everything approved, it will head to print and be on its way to your home. And don’t worry—my digital style guide magazine will guide you through exactly how to style your album and other products into your home so it gets the styling it deserves.

album cover colors

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Every Session and Wedding from 2018 in 30 Seconds

Thanks to the literally thousands of people who stepped in front of my camera this year—whether you were there as a part of a portrait session, on your wedding day, or as a wedding guest. Here’s a quick little peek at everything I was up to throughout the year. It’s fun to see how the style adapts to each season.

Video: 2018 in Review

For the past five years, I’ve been using the One Second Everyday app to capture quick little memories from the year. I’m still planning to create a 365 second video to recap the year, but we ended up with quite a few other clips on our new video camera that were sitting on a hard drive unused and unwatched.

I finally sat down with the girls and a microphone and had them narrate some of the highlights of the year, and then I edited together quick clips from our videos to create a “highlights reel” of our favorite moments. Here’s what we ended up with:

What do you do with all of the photos and videos on your phone? Have you ever edited them together or tried an app like One Second Everyday?

Travel: A Last Minute Vacation to Rome

The words “last minute” and “vacation to Rome” don’t usually go together, but when Jeff had an opportunity to speak at a conference in Frascati, a suburb of Rome, I immediately started looking at plane tickets to see if I could swing tagging along. The timing was perfect—we’d be there during our anniversary, and the only thing I had scheduled was a dentist appointment (November is usually a great time to relax after a very busy fall as a photographer).

I managed to find reasonable flights out of Chicago (literally half the price of most flights—thank you, Aer Lingus), and before I knew it, I was standing in the center of Rome.

Jeff near the forum in Rome

From a photography perspective, this was an interesting trip for me. I decided at the last minute to leave my go-to camera at home and bring along my small Sony camera instead. I brought only one lens—a 35mm (those who know me know well that I typically live by my 85mm portrait lens, but the limitations that this put on me were a fun creative experiment). You’ll see in a few photos that Jeff ended up doing a lot of the camera bag carrying (thanks, Jeff!).

Trip Highlights
  • We had the best tour guide at the Roman Forum. In fact, he was so great that we ended up hiring him to do a private tour to show us some of the “secrets of Rome” before we left. If you’re ever in Rome, message @thegladiatorguide on Instagram and see what you can set up. He’s given tours to the likes of Justin Bieber (ha) and the Kardashians (ha again).
  • We love just walking around the city. If you’re ever in Rome, be sure to venture across the river to Trastevere for incredible food and views (you’ll see a photo below overlooking the city from Trastevere). This also happens to be where I lived when I studied abroad in Rome.
  • Cremeria Monteforte by the Pantheon (still my favorite gelato): Via della Rotonda, 22, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
  • Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè by the Pantheon (the absolute best espresso shot in the whole word, pulled from a machine worth $20,000+): Piazza di S. Eustachio, 82, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
  • St. Peter’s Basilica will never cease to amaze me (just be sure to look up hours; it closes early)
  • I went on an Old Frascati wine tour in Frascati. We stayed most of the week in Frascati, but it’s only a short train ride away if you’re staying in the city.
  • I spent part of a day at the Baths of Diocletian. This is a lesser explored museum (I was often the only one looking at amazing ruins), but they tell a really cool story. This was essentially a spa in the days of the Romans—think hot and cold baths and gyms to work out.
  • We spent our last night at the hotel overlooking the Trevi Fountain and paid a bit more for a view of the fountain (rates are surprisingly reasonable in November, and the weather was amazing. Jeff said he’d never go to Rome in the summer again. But side note—I don’t necessarily recommend this hotel (it was stinky). I do, however, highly recommend Foro Romano Luxury Suites.

If you’re ever planning a trip to Rome, don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s one of my favorite places in the world, and I’m always happy to share my tips and experiences.

fountain in Rome view overlooking the city of Rome view overlooking the city in Rome Baths of Diocletian Baths of Diocletian Baths of Diocletian fountain stairway that looks like it goes both ways upside down wine tour in Frascati, Italy Wine tour in Frascati, Italy Wine tour in Frascati, Italy Wine tour in Frascati, Italy streets of Rome Streets of Rome The Pantheon view overlooking Rome Allie and Jeff at the train station in Rome Allie and Jeff exploring Rome Jeff near ruins in Rome Allie near ruins in Rome Roman ruins (Trajan's Market) Allie near Trajan's market, Rome The forum in Rome Jeff near the Capitaline Museum in Rome Trevi Fountain from Hotel Trevi The Trevi Fountain

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